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At a time when the word deep is banalized throughout all aspects of music and life, it’s encouraging to get to know talent such as Conrad’s, since depth is something innate in his musicality and not only a mere label. Native of Rio de Janeiro, he moved to São Paulo when he was still young, and has without doubt been able to merge the best of those cosmopolitan cities in his artistic personality. Permeated by a young spirit and mastering a technique so refined it is seldom seen, even with artists of longer running careers, Conrad manages to compound those characteristics in his sets. All of them are journeys into sound, which rise above any genres barriers and categories, covering a vast musical landscape and providing the public with a broad palette of textures and feelings. His style is full of the most diverse references, entangled in his influences in an axis tastefully well structured by harmonies and rhythms, which won’t leave anyone motionless on the dance floor. His flexibility can be witnessed in distinct situations; during his frequent gigs at D-Edge (a club where there is plenty of room for experimentation) in Sao Paulo, as well as for sizeable events such as the MAEVE label showcase at ‘Nos Trilhos’ and ‘Virada Cultural de Sao Paulo’, playing in front of thousands of people. With a consolidated experience over 10-year career, Conrad is resident of D-Edge Mothership project since 2006; in 2011 he also joined the rooster of D.Agency, with a constant presence in the club’s line-up and D.Agency showcases. He’s also the co-founder of C1RCU5, a movement dedicated to art and independent advanced music, which has hosted and played with some of the most important DJs of Sao Paulo underground scene. In the field of music production, in 2013 Conrad launched the collaborative project Tourists in Earth. In 2016, Conrad released his own authorial project using the alter ego Conrad Christ. This constant movement to find his own patch is where the origin of his depth can be found, that kind of depth that provides the artist with a rich complexity that only a prismatic approach like Conrad’s can achieve and make it accessible to any listener.

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